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Flora Luna Photography, is a professional photographer based in London an experienced urban and portrait photographer, providing lifestyle portraits, and event photographer, including parties and conferences.
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Flora Luna photographer - architecture: overcrowded sides

Overcrowded Sides

Overcrowded in an urban analysis of the Naviglio Martesana, in Milan, Italy.

The Naviglio hide a layer of the Italian society very different from the renowned fashion city.

Created long time ago to channel the commerce inside the city and expand it to the villages, it has been now delimited to the city edges and it eventually became an urban oasis. The still existing connection with the nearby villages is unrelated with common city transports. Life on Martesana is connected by a very old cycle lane, created on the river’s bank from Milan to the Adda River. This project escalates the importance of this hidden space and it’s correlation with the City of Milan.

The Martesana neighbourhood develops on parks and the two canal’s bank are two sides of a coin, extremely different socially and economically but connected by the river. That’s why the project collapsed them together, merging them on a single environment to celebrate all the residents and area’s explorers.

It’s a game and an invitation to “curiouser and curiouser” to visit this different city, far away from fashion.