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Flora Luna Photography, is a professional photographer based in London an experienced urban and portrait photographer, providing lifestyle portraits, and event photographer, including parties and conferences.
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Flora Luna photographer - Portraits: Lifestyle commercial

Lifestyle commercial

Street portraits for commercial uses

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Models selection

You don’t need to be professional models (but you should be as well), what I’m looking for are people joyful that love photography and enjoy urban life and environment, and overall people that like to be photographed!
All that I need is a kind of Lifestyle photography 🙂


Let express yourselves:

Your interests, your features, your look, all you are!


I need only a model release for images, that will be published for editorial use, advertising use, on blogs, web sites, and for commercial uses as well.


You will obtain best selected shots via CD or Wetransfert folder, for free! this kind of deal is named TFCD, as Time For CD. Take it easy!


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Flora Luna photography

Take the chanche, have fun!