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Documentarist photographer and urban explorer. Her photography focuses on critical aspects in today’s relationship between people and architecture through either an academic or a fictional approach. Her work is centred on information photography. Born in Palermo in 1988, her work is based in London but takes her all over Europe. She holds a PhD in Photography and a degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures-Japanese.

In London she collaborates with the Italian Embassy and TheBox Events. She also is a ShootMyTravel photographer and a photography tutor at HairyGoat and Picsmentor. Editor and Photographer at PepeMagazine.


2015 - CFP Bauer, Milan

I graduated at the photography academy

2016 - London

Moved to London

2017 - Photography Teacher

I started teaching photography at Hairy Goat

2018 - Award

Accidentally Wes Anderson

2019 - Award

Creative Pool Photography Award

2020 - Award

British Journal Photography Award

2020 - Getty Images

Exclusive collaborator

Clients & Testimonials

My clients trust me! But don’t just take my word for it – read testimonials!

I am very satisfied with the work done by Flora. She was responsible for developing our website and managing social communications. Even working remotely (we are in Italy), we have never had any problems. A great talent and a great availability are the strength of Flora, in my opinion.
Massimiliano Ricci / Studio Rivelli Consulting
When I need professional images for my company Flora is whom I go to. When I am asked whom I would recommend I always say, Flora. Basically, if you want product images, fast and ready to use then Flora is the person to go to. If you have a company event, she will create amazing memories of it and loads of beautiful pictures for your social accounts. Professional images are essential to website sales and I would always recommend having a range of great professional images. She can even help you finesse your brand imaging, to make sure that all your images really represent your brand in a way you will be proud of for years to come.
Andrea Scarpignato / Tasting Sicily
Flora Luna è una grande professionista. Molto attenta e precisa, ma non solo: ha una grande sensibilità…riesce sempre a fissare momenti e situazioni nelle quali si legge ben oltre il mero aspetto fattuale….ovvero tutte le emozioni del quale ne sono state l’anima.
Lorenzo Giannoccaro / The Box Italy
I hired Flora Luna on various occasions. Trustworthy and reliable person and of course a brilliant photographer.
Danilo Cortellini / Embassy of Italy